TV Review: Thunderbirds Are Go S1E6 Unplugged

©ITV PlcThunderbirds Are Go sees an anti-technology group called The Luddites power up an electromagnetic pulse device underneath London, crippling everything that uses electricity.

Again the series forgoes the big picture political/social commentary instead of challenging one member of the Thunderbirds team with doing his whole world saving thing without the use of all of his cool tools.

The life lesson is about solving issues just using your brains and not relying on the tech and a lesson at the end of choosing between saving an individual or getting the bad guy. It’s all pretty basic life lessons and nothing to crazy, but it’s rather exciting and fun.

What’s interesting is between this episode and the last one, we’re starting to get a bit more of a long form story instead of some issue of the week. There’s a big bad out there and things are clearly building towards something. It’s nice to see the show begin to focus more on that type of storytelling on top of the action of the week.

And the action is solid as usual. There’s some good moments and it feels like a classic action television show with the usual good use of music.

While the episode isn’t the best, it’s still entertaining and shows the strength of the show and its ability to change things up a bit.

Overall Rating: 7.65

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