Review: We(l)come Back #7

stl000686Christopher Sebela’s We(l)come Back is, well, back with issue #7, and the series keeps getting better. The latest issue picks up essentially where #6 left off, with Tessa and Mali being chased by hordes of people attempting to kill them. So, the usual.

We(l)come Back #7 takes Tessa and Mali to South Africa, where they hope to hide from the army of sequels that’s ever on their tail. This issue is one of the best yet, balancing exposition and action. Readers learn more about Tessa’s upbringing and life before the series, while other characters are introduced with greater purpose. In light of Tessa and Mali’s decision to walk away from the war, they started themselves on a dangerous path, and all of the plot threads are finally coming together to weave a bigger picture.

It’s also worth noting that the development of Tessa and Mali’s relationship is one of the best constants in the series, and the time that Sebela takes to develop it a little more each issue emphasizes its importance. Despite everything going on around them, their relationship is healthy and unwavering. It’s a nice change of pace, especially for two non-straight characters, who often don’t get the kind of happiness Tessa and Mali experience. This could, of course, all change at a moment’s notice, but the story that’s built up around Tessa and Mali’s current incarnations and the relationship they’ve developed over a number of centuries are what make the series special.

Claire Roe’s art is the same expressive style that continues to grow with the story, and colorist Jeremy Lawson brings the pages to life with some gorgeously colored panels. (The two-page spread covering pages four and five is especially fun to look at.) One thing that Roe has done and continues to do exceptionally well is fashion. The clothes each character wears could absolutely believably be an outfit seen outside of the comic, and small details like giving Mali a sleeveless lace blouse and Tessa elastic cuff pants gives the story an added element of believability.

Overall, the issue is one of the strongest of the series so far. This issue introduces some new characters to the mix, gives the story a clear direction, and is an absolute must-read as part of the series.

Story: Christopher Sebela Art: Claire Roe
Story: 8.5 Art: 7.5 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Read

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