TV Review: Thunderbirds Are Go S1E5 Fireflash

©ITV PlcThunderbirds Are Go sees Kayo departs on the newly upgraded Fireflash plane, but soon discovers that there is a saboteur on board. Meanwhile Virgil, Allan and Gordon must help save the passengers from harm.

In a slight departure from the last few episodes, this one doesn’t have a deeper meaning to it, which actually kind of surprised me. The episode, and its villain, is just a straight up hijacking form the mysterious villain. And then figuring out what to do with the plane to save everyone aboard. Yes, it’s that simple and a plot we’ve seen quite a few times before in lots of films and television shows. But, even having seen the plot, the story is a solid one.

What I think Thunderbirds Are Go does really well is the mix of action, animation, and the music, to create a package that’s fun an takes some of the best of the various things it draws from. The music feels like it’s out a Bond film and the action is fun and could be in a big budget film with lots of tense action. And as usual, the mix of CGI and miniatures is amazing. The look is fantastic in so many ways.

Episode after episode, this series is delivering in every way.

Overall Rating: 8.05

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