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Godhood Comics Introduces Mega Woman

god_hood_comics_logo_by_godhoodcomics-d7eka9vIt’s unlikely you’ve ever head of Godhood Comics. The publisher has just launched their Kickstarter campaign for their inaugural graphic novel Keisha Carter Is Mega Woman, but they’ve already got a full slate of characters ready to make the jump into your awareness. Godhood‘s roster is one of the most inclusively diverse cast of characters from any publisher.

While having a diverse cast of characters is impressive, what’s more so is the care that has gone into crafting those same characters. The idea of a blind archer has me very intrigued, and personally I want to learn more about the former Olympic gold medalist turned hero Sharpshooter when the first trade is released, but it’s Mega Woman that’s getting me excited right now, and luckily for me, she’s featuring in the first graphic novel release from the company.

We had a chance to chat with the man behind Godhood Comics, president and comic overlord Tyler Martin on the eve of their Kickstarter campaign to launch Keisha Carter Is Mega Woman.

Graphic Policy: What drove you to start Godhood Comics? Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Tyler Martin: I’ve always been like this secret nerd. Where I come from (Atlanta, Georgia) reading comics and watching cartoons isn’t the norm after what? Thirteen? Still I found myself well into my teens loving superheroes and just that whole genre. Soon everybody knew my interest and respected me for it. I’m such a nerd and that in part defines so much
kesha carter mega womanof who I am. I mean there isn’t a better time to be a nerd right? Look at pop culture, you can’t turn on the T.V or log unto social media without seeing a guy in tights trying to save his city.

I started Godhood because even from an early age I was drawing and creating my own super heroes. Soon that roster grew well into the hundreds. I loved comics and the imprint they made on the worlds cultures in general. I mean, mythology and old legends are ancient man’s way of creating Heroes to save them. Despite my interest I was bothered by something. The lack of diversity. I just didn’t see enough characters that looked like me that I could relate to. If I was a comic book fan and couldn’t find a lot of characters to relate to, then what does that tell you about someone who may be interested but just can’t find something they identify with. And intern never pick a comic book up. Godhood Comics is their answer. Diversity in main stream media is our end game. Our characters come from all walks of life. Culture, ethnicity, gender and religion and we love it! Our universe is literally what you’d see walking down the street of New York City…..diversity.

 IMG_7585GP: You’re obviously a company that prides yourself on diversity; can you tell us a bit about the heroes you have in your library?
TM: We currently have a roster of about two hundred and sixteen characters. I know right? Childs play compared to the big two huh? No, I think that’s why our supporters dig us. We’re not in the business of competing, our characters and stories will attract who they need to and that’s comic book fans who are ready for new and original stories jam packed with action, character development and diversity. A few fan favorites of coarse are…

Mega Woman: The black daughter of Zeus, Sharpshooter: The blind archer, American Angel the great-grand daughter of JFK, and Black Mamba: A Japanese assassin turned hero. A few characters we’ve got coming are…

Dragon Boy: Direct decedent of King Arthur, Ghost Girl: Death’s apprentice, Jet: the boy IMG_7601rocket and The Energy man: A Living star.

 GP: What has the response been like so far from the community?
TM: Awesome!! It just goes to show that people are ready to see new material. The support via social media has been astounding, I keep stressing that without our fans and supporters were really nothing and I mean that literally (lol) I hope that the support continues as our Mega Woman Kickstarter launches soon!

GP: The Mega Woman Kickstarter; can you tell us anything about that ahead of launch?
Well, I will tell you we have a goal of raising 15,000. We’ve put a lot of work into the Kickstarter and we’ve got a lot more coming even after its launch.

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