Review: Heartthrob #1

HEARTTHROB-#1-Marketing-PDF-1Who doesn’t like a good heist movie?  The world’s audiences have more than embraced this sub genre in more ways than one, as can be seen all over popular culture these days. As the hilarious Prius commercial where a bunch of bank robbers evade police at every turn. Then there is the upcoming Star Wars: Rogue One movie, which finds the Rebellion looking to steal the plans for the Death Star.  On television, the Brits have been entertained by shows like the Saint and Hustle, while stateside we were definitely entertained by the hi-jinks in Leverage. Then there are the traditional movies like the Italian Job and Ocean’s Eleven, which provides twists and turns, while being very tongue in cheek.

A good heist story needs a few elements to make it entertaining to its audience. One of those elements is a protagonist which its audience can root for despite their criminal intent. The second is the actual heist needs to be something of value or what has not been done before, both of these are reasons for going on a heist, and usually in these stories, it is always to not do what they do any longer, to finally retire like Sean Connery’s character in Entrapment when we first meet him. The third thing is who makes up the group, what specialties/ skills each character brings to the job. Lastly,  is how do they get away with it, much like Fast Five, this is usually the part where all the smarts and skill sets are most in play.

Heartthrob is a variation of all those examples and some elements of the heist story, while being original. As the preview describes it:” A new series about bank heists and thieving hearts from writer Christopher Sebela (Welcome Back), artist Robert Wilson IV (Bitch Planet), and colorist Nick Filardi (Powers). Callie Boudreau hasn’t been herself lately. After a lifetime sidelined by illness, she’s rescued by a miracle cure in the form of heart transplant surgery, but the life she returns to doesn’t fit her anymore. Besides the morally questionable job, the crappy boyfriend and the crippling hospital bills, Callie finds herself developing new tastes, unfamiliar urges and a mouth like a sailor. As she balances what she has to do with what she wants to do, a mystery man shows up to teach her that instead of waiting for her new life, she should go out and steal it.  “The internal monologue of Callie drives this story, as she finds out that a heart transplant is simply more than what she expected.  By issue’s end, Callie has evolved to an even more a badass version of herself.

Overall, an interesting story which I did not think I would necessary relate to, as the inner rumblings of ho hum office work reverberate throughout the story much like Office Space. The story by Christopher Sebela is truly a gift, that the reader will be unwrapping over and over again, to see what they have missed the first few times they read it. The art by Robert Wilson IV, is very much reminiscent of Archer, but having an identity all its own. Very entertaining altogether, an absorbing story which feels like the beautiful bastard of Heart Condition and Fight Club.

Story: Christopher Sebela Art: Robert Wilson IV
Story: 9 Art: 10 Overall: 9.5 Recommendation: Buy

Oni Press provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review