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Review: Another Castle #2

ACASTLE-#2-MARKETING_ONI-PRESS_PREVIEW-1The subtitle to this issue of Another Castle could easily be “Misty is right about everything and also feelings.”

In #2, Pete the Dashing is on his way to Grimoire, but has to fight through Badlug’s monsters to get there. Unfortunately for his handsome (according to Gorga, at least) self, he’s kind of terrible at using Leveler and will probably end up dead if he isn’t careful. For both his and Misty’s sake, Misty can’t have that, so she tries to use her “royal privilege” to buy his safety from the monster boss Mrs. Vasilisc. It sort of works… Sort of. Never make deals with people in bars, kids.

However, Vasilisc’s refusal to slay the final beast on the trail leads to Misty and Golga making a deal with an old witch named Zurrd of the Sisters Strang, who can see into the past and agrees to help Misty steal a jumping stone from The Dark Treasury.

At this point, it occurs to me that most of the characters we’ve met in this book so far have been women. We have the men in Misty’s father, Pete, Badlug and the adorable Fogmoth, but nearly all the action in these past two issues has been carried out by women, both good and bad. This has been becoming a trend in fantasy comics as of late and I’m totally here for it.

However, it also doesn’t shy away from emotion. We see both Misty and her father cry in the middle of the issue and it isn’t shamed at all. It’s framed as a moment of resolve for the both of them rather than a moment of weakness. Paulina Ganucheau’s art in this moment is especially important, with the way she draws Misty’s determination through her tears and the king’s face being slightly red as he tries to prepare himself before addressing his people.

Of course, the issue has to leave off on one hell of a cliffhanger as Misty falls into danger trying to retrieve the jumping stone that she suddenly hears her father’s voice from and Zurrd appears to be cornered. The writing in those last few pages is particularly nailbiting, and if you’re anything like me, you’re going to be cursing writer Andrew Wheeler as you get to the last panel, wondering when the next issue is coming out.

Another Castle #2 continues strong after the first issue, showing just how capable and multifaceted Misty is as well as what is at stake for her and those closest to her. Wheeler expands past the basic concept of the book, showing us a little bit of what’s behind the curtain in Misty’s life and Ganucheau balances this well with her colorful and expressive art. Now, when is #3 coming out?

Story: Andrew Wheeler Art: Paulina Ganucheau
Story: 8.0 Art: 9.5 Overall: 8.75 Recommendation: Read

Oni Press provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review