Game of Thrones – Funko Action Figures & The Wall Display Set in June and July

Funko introducing a new line of articulated Games of Thrones Action Figures that will let fans act out their favorite scenes from the series!

Funko’s latest figures stand at 3.75” and have five points of articulation!

The first wave features Jon Snow, Samwell Tarly, Ghost,  Ygritte, Tormund Giantsbane, Rattleshirt (aka Lord of Bones), Magnar of Thenn, a White Walker, and The Night King!

In addition to the individual figures, Funko is also releasing The Wall Display Set, which stands at 13” tall with 15” tall scaffolding to feature or interact with up to 25 Funko Action Figures!

This display set comes with an exclusive Tyrion Lannister Action Figure!

Collect the whole set this June! The Wall Playset Coming in July!