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TV Review: Fear the Walking Dead S2E1 Monster

fear-the-walking-dead-posterIn the second-season premiere, the families flee a burning Los Angeles on Strand’s yacht, as Strand remains mysterious. Meanwhile, the group encounters danger at sea.

Fear the Walking Dead kicks off the second season picking up rate from where the first season ended. The Manawas and Clarks are heading to Strand’s boat after the death of a family member.

With the first season a short one we were given the basics of the characters and the fall of Los Angeles, but we also didn’t get to know the characters very well. This episode attempts to do that a bit and also give us a direction for the season.

The episode is an interesting one as each character is given a bit more in their personality and their altruism when it comes to the zombie apocalypse and where they stand with helping others versus helping themselves. It’s an aspect we’ve seen a little of in The Walking Dead, but not one explored super well.

Some of this aspect is seen in Alicia’s talking to a mysterious individual and Nick’s actions at the end. The act this is playing out all in the water is even more interesting since it adds a factor we haven’t seen.

The characters still totally don’t have their footing, and Strand’s mysteriousness is a little annoying already, but the episode does a great job in setting up that things are already falling apart in society and there’s new rules not everyone is following.

The end of the episode sets up the initial villain, and it at least looks original.

The best thing about Fear the Walking Dead is the unknown. Between that and seeing how things fall apart will get me coming back for more. While nowhere near perfect, the show at least gives us the unknown.

Overall Rating: 7.1

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