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TV Review: Arrow S4E18 Eleven-Fifty-Nine

arrowOliver and Diggle learn that Merlyn plans to break Darhk out of prison. Meanwhile, Laurel gets a surprising offer and Felicity has a heart-to-heart talk with Curtis.

Arrow is just ok as the episode just builds and builds until the last twenty minutes in a when sort of way, not an if. The episode is about Darhk regaining his power and getting out of prison.

The episode is rather blah overall probably due to the lack of surprise in how things would turn out, especially when it comes to the twists, turns, and betrayals. None of it is shocking and things feel rather choreographed to a point that just kills more of the emotional pull of it all.

The episode really is more about Oliver and Laurel than anything else and that’s clear in the final five moments of the series. It’s a solid moment, and one that does a good job being tied back to Oliver’s time in the past that the season has been flashing back to.

But, while most of the episode has been blah, it’s those last five minutes that pack a punch as a character is fridged to drive the plot forward. Yes, we finally know who is in the grave from earlier in the season. While we got to the moment sooner than I thought, and there’s some emotional heft to it, it’s still using a female character’s death to drive the narrative of other characters.

While I had hoped the mysterious death would have been something more, the series continues to crap on female characters to drive the male characters’ narratives.

Overall rating: 6.1

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