Review: Hyperion #1

Hyperion_1_CoverThis is the first time I’ve encountered Hyperion in a comic, and  deliberately went in knowing very little about the character other than he’s basically a Superman type character. That said, I decided to pick up the comic based on the preview text that hinted Hyperion would be using a transfer truck as a baseball  bat. Armed with no other knowledge about the comic, I sat down and started reading.

And honestly?  It wasn’t bad.

The story actually seems to follow Doll, a teenager on the run from something, and she’s looking for the hero who’s rumoured to be driving a truck across the United States as he tries to learn more about the world he now calls home. Instead she finds Marc, a truck driver who she… kind of almost trusts on sight.

A minor niggle I had was the way in which Doll comes across the man she assumes is the hero-in-disguise, and yet Chuck Wendig doesn’t quite fall into the cliche of “oh look, what a coincidence, she’s found him!” with Marc seemingly a man in the wrong place at the wrong time as the issue progresses. Whether Marc is the man she thinks he is, or not, ends up giving us some great moments of characterization as Doll begins to doubt that her driver is little more than just a nice guy. It’s a nice touch, and it’s actually a pretty fun way of introducing readers into the comic and the inner workings of Hyperion (come on, that’s really not a spoiler).

With Hyperion being yet another character deposited in “our” Marvel Universe after the events of Secret Wars, and this is another comic about a character new to the world after theirs was destroyed, and this is one of the better first issues I’ve read since Marvel‘s latest renumbering happened. I’m not going to fully commit just yet, however, so I’ll probably check out another issue before adding this to the pull list indefinitely. Although if the consistency keeps up that’s an inevitability at this point.

Story: Chuck Wendig Art: Nik Virella
Story: 7.75 Art: 8 Overall: 7.5
Recommendation: Buy if you’re curious, but it’s worth a Read ether way



  • Actually, Hyperion was reintroduced into the MU during Hickman’s recent Avengers run leading up to Secret Wars. Is this the same one is a valid question.

    • That one also was killed with Thor when they went to fight the Collectors. Then had his Secret Wars mini. So who knows at this point. The Avengers act like they know him in Squadron Supreme.