TV Review: Gotham S2E15 Mad Grey Dawn

Gotham Season 2

Gordon and Bullock investigate a trail of clues left in a museum robbery, which, unbeknownst to them, were placed by Nygma in a dangerous game.

Gotham‘s shifts its bad guy focus a bit shining a light on Nygma who now has it out for Gordon because he thinks Gordon is on his trail as far as Nygma killing a few folks. It takes us in some strange directions and by the end of the episode it all feels like a bad riff on some stories we’ve seen straight from Batman comics.

In other storylines, Penguin is now out and trying to get back into society. He interestingly meets his father played by a very familiar face and one who has been in the role before, a nice nod to what’s come before. This plot is the most interesting to me out of everything, as I want to see where it goes.

Finally, there’s Bruce. I feel like they’re speeding up his transformation into Batman as he’s now on the streets and learning from Selina and Ivy. It’s a different take on the character, and is better than I thought it’d be.

Once again the series feels like it’s shifting a bit in its direction reiterating my belief the series doesn’t know what it wants to be as it bounces between stories and tones. It feels like story arcs with different creative teams hopping on at different points.

The episode is better than the series has been, but still not were it should be in my opinion.

Overall Rating: 7.2

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