TV Review: Daredevil S2E10 The Man in the Box

Daredevil Season 2 3Murdock and Foggy get caught in the crossfire of the Punisher’s revenge. Karen and Murdock dig for the truth in very different ways.

Marvel and Netflix‘s Daredevil has a standout performance on Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle, but this episode gives him a run for his money in Vincent D’Onofrio who has a series stealing scene in this episode. The combo emphasizes a habit of Marvel live properties where the villains are much more interesting than the heroes trying to stop them.

The episode has the Punisher on the loose gunning for individuals and the conspiracy begins to get clearer and more muddied at the same time.

While the episode isn’t quite as action packed as earlier ones, there’s still plenty to get the blood pumping. At the same time, the episode also slows things down a little bit as there’s reflection by Murdock about what’s going on and how he needs to stop the Hand.

Elektra also makes an appearance, again with a sequence that just doesn’t make a lot of sense and just feels out of place. It emphasizes to me how her character’s development just doesn’t feel right. It does give comic fans some fun with a certain iconic weapon of hers making an appearance. It does feel a bit better when a fight ends (what is it with this season having fights at the end!?) and reveal is made, but still.

And that ending? What the hell!? Some Children of the Corn stuff going on.

Overall rating: 7.15

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