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TV Review: Daredevil S2E9 Seven Minutes in Heaven

Daredevil Season 2 3Castle gets an offer he can’t refuse. Foggy and Murdock question the future of their firm, but Karen won’t give up so easily.

Marvel and Netflix‘s Daredevil gets rid of some of what I thought was dragging it down and instead focuses on the Punisher in prison and Daredevil going solo to figure out what the Hand’s plan is.

The Punisher’s storyline is the most interesting thing as it puts him in prison but also has him dealing with Wilson Fisk, a nice twist that really brings together the first and second season. It’s a solid addition that really makes things flow well between the two and makes sense in the big picture narrative. It’s grounded in many ways other things are not this season, showing off an issue the season is having.

Then there’s Matt’s dealing with the Hand which gets into some more really weird stuff. The Hand aspect is so-so, though still a bit early in the solo adventure aspect to really judge. But it ends yet another episode with a fight, as if there was no other idea in how to end episodes.

A better episode, but not nearly as consistent as the first four. It’s better, but still not great.

Overall rating: 7.65

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