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TV Review: Daredevil S2E1 Bang

MARVEL'S DAREDEVILIn the void left by Fisk’s removal, a new threat to Hell’s Kitchen emerges. Murdock and Foggy take on a client with a questionable past.

The second season of Marvel and Netflix‘s Daredevil kicks off with catching us up on where Matt, Foggy, and Karen are in their lives. Matt is continuing his vigilante ways, with Foggy covering for him, and Karen working for the two and managing their firm. And, it turns out the firm isn’t in the best of situations.

The episode, as it should be, is mostly about set up in a NYC without Wilson Fisk. There’s a power vacuum. Various gangs and groups are doing what they can to fill the void and grasp what’s now there for the taking, but violence is escalating. Is it the gangs fighting each other or is it one person? The end of the episode makes it clear that it’s the latter (and for those know who’s showing up this season it’s not a surprise).

The episode is very much a set up of what’s coming this season. It dives right into the action and through smart moments catches us up as to where things have been. It’s a smart start that just skips the long build and gets us right into the thick of it in multiple ways, building to an end of the episode full of action. This is not how I thought things would start, it’s so much better.

The series continues the excellence of the first season in many ways feeling like a proper continuation instead of a new season. It brilliantly continues the look and feel and doesn’t miss a beat at all. If this is the start, looking forward to what the rest has in store for us.

Overall rating: 8.3