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Review: Jonesy #2

Jonesy_002_A_MainIf the first issue didn’t prove it, Jonesy #2 just showed how much of a delightful story it is as it goes out of the school and into the town talent show as Jonesy works her dad’s donut shop when all she wants to do is watch the new Stuff video. When the Butt Brothers steal her zines though, she ends up forming an unlikely friendship with Susan to get them back.

This issue spoke to me on a spiritual level. Not only with the normalized queerness of Susan admitting she likes a girl named Nisha in her chemistry class and Jonesy no-selling the reaction to it, but with Jonesy admitting her secret crush is actually on Stuff, a pop star who pretends he’s an alien prince. Don’t feel too bad about that, Jonesy. I currently have a similar type crush on an Irish wrestler who acts like a demon about four or five times a year and I’ve been out of high school for a long time. Artist Caitlin Rose Boyle’s design of him is absolutely darling though, so it’s easy to see why Jonesy is so obsessed with him. Mickey Quinn’s similar coloring between him and Nisha is a nice touch as well. Not to mention the way Susan and Jonesy talk about their crushes is so cute and relatable, it’s kind of surprising to find out writer Sam Humphries wasn’t a teenage girl at one point.

However, it’s not all crushes and games as Jonesy gets her zines stolen and ends up hurting Susan’s feelings and disappointing her dad in the process of getting them back when she makes the Butt Brothers fall in love with Susan’s hat. As with the previous issue, #2 does a great job of showing that while Jonesy is an absolutely lovable protagonist, she’s not always a good person. While she makes great progress in becoming friends with her old enemy in this issue with the formation of the Secret Crush Investigation Squad, she still makes mistakes and thinks selfishly. The best thing about that though? She realizes that when she does, and apologizes accordingly. Even in two issues, we see so much character growth from Jonesy and it does a great job of showing younger readers that you can make up for your choices.

As Jonesy and Susan walk off into the sunset arm and arm, it’s obvious that its the start of a beautiful friendship. Though one that Principal Rosenfield is not happy about as she puts two and two together about the Carnation incident, the Butt Brothers, and Jonesy. Oh no.

Jonesy #2 keeps the pace of the first issue while still showing progress for both the characters of Jonesy and Susan as they turn from enemies to friends over the course of the issue. Along with the series normalizing queerness, it also is refreshing to see a series lead by two young women of color without ever resorting to stereotypes and to see such a realistic and fun take on teenage crushes. The art is still gorgeous and on point, especially with the way Quinn gets to expand the color palette from the first issue in really bright and exciting ways. Humphries, Boyle and Quinn have real magic with the series, and I’m not just saying that because of Jonesy’s powers.

Story: Sam Humphries Art: Caitlin Rose Boyle and Mickey Quinn
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

BOOM! Studios provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review