TV Review: Gotham S2E13 A Dead Man Feels No Cold

Gotham Season 2Gordon, Bullock and Barns turn to the wife of Victor Fries to help in finding him; Penguin meets Hugo Strange; and Alfred shares information with Bruce about his parents’ murderer.

Gotham‘s second episode back is an interesting one as it focuses on Fries and his mission to get his wife back. This leads to a plan to trap him that makes so little sense, and then an ending that also is just a bit ho-hum.

There’s some interesting things here, in that we get the GPCD dealing with cooky villains without the help of Batman, hearkening back to the excellent comic series Gotham Central (which I had hoped would be what this series was). But, the series seems to keep veering when it shouldn’t. Instead of getting a solid cop series with their taking on Batman’s rogues, we get a a series that’s a weird mix of Schumacher films and even a bit of a throwback to Batman ’66.

There was a good chance of really changing the tone and direction of the series with this plot, but in two episodes it’s somewhat wrapped up with potential lost. There’s obviously a bigger story here, but it’s all just very off. I could go off about using Fries’ wife as bait, but all logic is out the window with this series.

There’s Penguin’s story, which is currently the most interesting, but that’s mostly due to the acting of Robin Lord Taylor who is killing it in the role. BD Wong is also great as Hugo Strange with a strange creepiness about his character and performance. I actually look forward to seeing what he’s up to and with what he’s focused on, I think I know.

Then there’s Bruce and his search for his parent’s murder. The whole of the story feels beyond rushed and the writers seem to be speeding up his eventual turn into Batman. With the actor being so young, it’s all a bit silly.

The series continues to miss opportunities as it sputters along in its second season.

Overall Rating: 6.9

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  • Only 6.9? I think that is a bit harsh.
    Production wise it was a very nicely done episode. Freeze is looking tops, and I couldn’t agree more with your comments on Penguin and Strange – this is gonna be a Party…
    I did feel the plot and narrative are now running a bit more parallel to DC’s Batman story lines. I thought they found the right balance here with action and story – they do tend to go often one way or the other.
    But I don’t think they missed an opportunity at all. We are still in season 1 – this is all prep work, they aren’t going to fire the big guns and get proper dark and serious until the scene is completely set up. I thought Mr Freeze has been left at a very pragmatic and considerate point for whatever they move on next.
    I don’t think the actual intention has ever been making this a solid serious cop narrative – this is all just pretense.
    Perhaps I just understood it all from a different point of view!

    • I’m not a fan of Gotham as a whole. I think the show isn’t sure what it wants to be and attempts to do too many things and none of them very well. There’s usually one bright spot in the episode with the rest just not hitting the mark.

      And different points of view are a good thing!

      • Hhhmm I can see why you’d think that : though I don’t share the opinion. I was very sceptical when it came out first but actually they won me over. I realised I was judging an unfinished product with a lot of background knowledge that was really stopping me from enjoying something that works on its own terms. I am happy they haven’t gone full on superhero kinda stuff, that would have annoyed me.
        But like I said, I think you nailed it in your comment that some of the actors like Taylor do really pack it together.