Review: All-New Classic Captain Canuck #0

all-new-captain-canuck-0-coverWhen it comes to Captain Canuck, I must admit that I haven’t read nearly as much as I want to read. Captain Canuck #0  goes someway toward rectifying that, but it’s not entirely new material. If you’ve been reading Chapter House Comics’ Captain Canuck series then this zero issue is a reprint of the seven or so back  up strips from the first seven issues, so there’s very little new here for you.

But if you haven’t been reading Captain Canuck for whatever reason, then this 64 page collection is a great place to start.

Myself, I only read the first two issues of the series, despite absolutely loving them both, due in part to an ordering snafu at my LCS and also my lack of noticing the issues on the racks (which is almost entirely down to me running into the shop and out again far too quickly), and so getting a chance to read the collected back-up strips was actually quite nice. Because there are seven back-up strips that make up All-New Classic Captain Canuck #0 are comprised of three two part stories and the beginning of another (that will continue in issue #1 later this month), there’s a very quick pace to this comic. It really didn’t feel like the 60 odd pages that it actually is, because of the shorter nature of the individual stories.

A really nice touch that Chapter House Comics have done is include an additional strip that will catch new readers up with what this Captain Canuck has had to go through, stretching all the way back to the original stories from the 70’s. If that sounds like a daunting proposition, it really isn’t; the recap strip likely doesn’t cover everything, but the narration boxes are brilliant and very concise and, coupled with the art, giving new readers all they need to catch up (and long time fans a ice refresher).

This is a great collection that is worth the price of admission, especially with the promise of issue #1 around the corner.

Story: Ed Brisson
Artists and Colour: George
 Freeman, Simon Roy
Art: Marcus To, Scott Hepburn,  Micheal Walsh Color: Rosemary Cheetham, Irma Kniivla, Matt Wlson
Story: 8.75 Art: 8.75 Overall: 8.75 Recommendation: Buy