TV Review: Gotham S2E12 Mr. Freeze

Gotham Season 2Penguin gives Gordon a hard time; a skilled cryogenics engineer named Victor Fries is involved in a body-snatching spree.

Gotham‘s back for the second half of its second season, now with a subtitle of “Wrath of the Villains.” Last we saw the series, Gordon had shot Galavan and Mr. Freeze debuted.

This episode picks up from that with Gordon investigated and Fries/Freeze getting a backstory. This Fries is pretty similar to the classic character we’ve seen in the comics. His wife is suffering from a disease and he is attempting to crack cryogenics to freeze her and eventually bring her back when a cure exists. There’s small details changed, in this case Nora is alive, but the basics are there. Fries’ Mr. Freeze outfit also is a bit of a throwback at times reminding me of the Batman ’66 version of the character.

Penguin is also captured, being sent to Arkham where we meet another familiar face of the Batman comicverse Hugo Strange. And strange is right, because something is clearly up and a bigger plan is being done. What that is? We’ll find out.

With all the talk of cryogenics, one has to wonder if the Court of Owls and Talons will be far behind?

The episode is an improvement on the first half of the season, but now were in a weird mix of trying to be serious and campy at the same time. It’s a weird style and one I’m not quite sure I’m enjoying. Tone I think is what’s been the biggest issue of the series this season, and maybe we’ll see a tone more consistent as opposed to the first half of the season.

Not a bad return, there’s a lot to work with, but I remain a bit skeptical right now.

Overall Rating: 6.9

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