TV Review: Agent Carter S2E10 Hollywood Ending

Agent_CarterMarvel‘s Agent Carter ends its second season with a sloppy episode full of bad acting, bad special fx, and a story that makes little sense.

The season 2 finale finds everyone facing a mission they may not come back from as Peggy urges Howard Stark to eliminate Zero Matter.

The team decides through a strange ally that Whitney Frost is too dangerous and that Zero Matter has to be eliminated for that to happen. That leads to a showdown that’s full of horrible fx, bad acting, and a final episode that I’d rather forget.


The solution is opening up a rift to get Frost to show up and then shoot her with the gamma gun they designed. The Zero Mater would get sucked up after they zap Frost. They gun? Yeah, that’s out in the open where she can see it? What the hell?

Then there’s the closing of the rift which has individuals figuring out which person will sacrifice themselves. That acting just deteriorates along with the special fx which are some of the worst I’ve seen of any recent live action Marvel production. The story just makes no sense in individual’s actions, as if the writers couldn’t think of anything better.

And there’s that title of “Hollywood Ending,” with the episode doing its best to leave us with a rather expected one in a few ways, and those had me rolling my eyes.

The ending indicates we might see more and here’s hoping it’s better than this one.

Overall Score: 6.4