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TV Review: The Walking Dead S6E11 Knots Untie

walking-dead-5 photoJesus takes Rick and the group to the Hilltop Colony, a peaceful community overshadowed by the power of Negan and The Saviors.

The Walking Dead‘s world has gotten a whole lot bigger in this episode, a rocket of a direction that introduces new locations, characters, towns, and enemies.

This episode sees things go directly from the last episode which had Jesus slip his jail and hint there’s more going on to Rick. That takes Rick and a few others to Jesus’ town, Hilltop, another community that has built a society. But a new society also brings with it new issues, and that comes in the form of Negan and his Saviors.

We learn of the situation, and that leaves Rick and his group in an interesting position, what to do with Hilltop and Negan?

But, all of that comes with some confrontations where Rick gets to be Rick in his special way.

For fans of the comic series, we know what we can expect, and this lays the groundwork of what will be a crazy end of the season and probably in to next season. There’s lots of foreshadowing with characters and new positions, and probably tragedy.

The episode does a fantastic job at laying the groundwork. It introduces us to Hilltop, it also shows how others are living in this world and attempting to build their own world and society. There’s electricity, different equipment, and a different way of doing things.

Things are about to get a whole lot crazier from here.

Overall rating: 8.35