The Looking Glass Wars: Crossfire. Rally the Chessmen!

LGW_Crossfire-CVRRally the Chessmen! Wonderland is under attack!

Dashing rogue Ovid Grey, an ex-Milliner, is ordered to Earth by Queen Alyss and charged with recovering a shard of Heart Crystal that’s powering cross-realm riots of Black Imagination. He teams with a British secret agent and embarks on a quest that takes him from London to Venice, discovering along the way that, to succeed, he’ll very much have to act the criminal.

Crystal shard in hand, Ovid returns home with the devastating intel that Wonderland is about to be attacked by the barbaric tribes of neighboring Boarderland. Ovid vows to fight for Queen Alyss, who activates the Chessboard; battalions of Chessmen take to the streets of Wondertropolis and beyond, occupying defensive positions. And then…

They come: axe-wielding Boarderlanders eager for blood, galloping in on the mutant jabberwocky known as jabbers.

Black Imagination, rampaging Rumble Makers, and the future of Wonderland: all are caught in the crossfire of this thrilling follow-up to the New York Times bestselling trilogy, The Looking Glass Wars.

Once again Wonderland’s forces of light must unite to battle the darkness.

by Frank Beddor and Curtis Clark, illo. by Sami Makkonen
Pages: 160
Format: Hardcover
SRP: $24.99
Age Range: Teen (14+)
Publisher: Automatic Publishing
Distributor: Publishers Group West
Pub Date: April 19, 2016
Item Code: FEB161201
ISBN: 978-0-9912729-4-5

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