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Around the Tubes

WynnonaEarp_01-pr_page7_image1It was new comic book day yesterday! What’d everyone get? What’d folks enjoy? What’d you dislike? Sound off in the comments below!

While you do that, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web in our morning roundup.

Around the Tubes

The Beat – San Diego Comic-Con not on board with Chargers plans for new downtown stadium – Yeah, you usually talk to folks before name checking them as part of your pitch.

Nothing But Comics – Life During Miracleman’s Golden Age – A good read.

The Beat – French publishers announce boycott of Angoulême after disastrous 2016 festival – Good.

Women Write About Comics – A Man Created My Goddess: Dawn and Me – A really good read about influences.


Around the Tubes Reviews

Comic Vine – All-New, All-Different Avengers #6

Comic Vine – Aquaman #49

Talking Comics – Faith #2

Talking Comics – Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. 1953 #1

CBR – Justice League #48

Comic Vine – Justice League #48

CBR – Wyonna Earp #1

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