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Review: Metallic Silence #1 & #2

Metallic Silence #1A story that introduces you into a dystopian future based on the songs of the Spanish electronic band AZUL y NEGRO. In a world where elites are fleeing to a new planet, there is little place for hope. Or even for music.

Combining elements of Ghost in the Shell, Blade Runner, and even a subtle nod to The Terminator if you look close enough. There is a lot of crossover as science fiction meets dystopian, meets cyberpunk, meets a small musical. While there is a small love story as well that helps keep the plot grounded, it manages to be a large plot of the story as Basso tries to get his love Charlotte back from the Mannequin. While Mannequin sounds like a cheesy villain name, he is a man obsessed with immortality. He believes Charlotte is the key to that. However in his quest to gain that, he kills Basso (sort of). Basso manages to survive the explosion and returns to reclaim Charlotte after a he becomes a cybernetic version of Frankenstein’s monster.

Dystopian has almost become a synonym for gritty and dark. That is apparent in the art style in both issues of this mini-series. You can see the obvious influence of the film Blade Runner in the art in terms of both the world and the characters. Even a subtle influence of Frank Miller’s Sin City, as for the most part of the world is drawn in shades of gray. In contrast to the main characters who are drawn with more color, even if that color is limited

Story: El Torres Art: Angel Hernandez
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

Amigo Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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