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Uncover the Tooth Fairy Murder Mystery in Fake Empire

Fake Empire TPB Vol 1 Cover PrelimFake Empire, a fantastical new full-length graphic novel, releases from Darby Pop Publishing and Magnetic Press on March 30th.  The fantasy/ crime thriller was written by Eric Palicki and illustrated by Vinnie Rico, with colors by Fred C. Stresing, letters by Erica Schultz, and a cover illustration from Sina Grace.

When the Tooth Fairy is brutally murdered, her Sisters desperately search for the Killer. What they find instead is a terrible truth regarding their own Parents, and the steps that have been taken to keep their kingdom hidden from Humankind.

Who killed the Tooth Fairy? Fairies have always existed in secret, living side-by-side with humankind.  But, when one of his daughters is murdered, King Oberon tasks his remaining offspring — a newly-minted NYPD detective (Charli) and a wingless, feral “black sheep” (Lucy) — with finding her killer by any means necessary. As Charli and Lucy are sucked deeper into the mystery, and certain danger, they begin to uncover the extraordinary measures their Kingdom has taken to keep their society “safe” in an increasingly violent world.  For Charli and Lucy, discovering the truth will mean confronting their own blood-drenched legacy.

Fake Empire hits comic book stores and bookstores on Wednesday, March 30th at a $14.99 cover price.

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