TV Review: The Walking Dead S6E10 The Next World

walking-dead-5 photoA seemingly simple scavenging run proves to be very tricky when the group isn’t the only one vying for an unexpected goldmine.

The Walking Dead at times is criticized for dragging things out and being extremely slow. I’m sure the haters will be all over this episode which primarily focuses on Rick and Daryl as they head out on a supply run and run in to  a familiar face from comics.

A lot of the episode focuses on Rick and Daryl on their supply run when they run into Jesus, a character from the comic series. It’s not the introduction of Jesus that’s the interesting thing about the episode, it’s the tone of this entire section of the show that’s the fascinating part. It’s very comedic. Yes, there’s a serious tone in many ways, but the interaction between the three has a comedic action vibe of the thief who steals from the other thieves and then the items are stolen back and forth. It’s a common sequence, but in a show that is rather dramatic and relies heavily on horror elements, it’s a rather light hearted sequence.

The rest of the episode is primarily focused on Spencer who we find out has been sneaking into the woods for some reason. Michonne joins him and for as comedic as the trio was, the duo is very serious and dramatic. Spencer has been a rather irritating character in the series, much like an adult Carl, but here we see a bit of maturation.

Compared to the last few episodes, this one slows things down a lot, a very quiet moment compared to what has recently been on the air. Definitely the quiet before the storm.

And that ending… many will be jumping for joy… and laughing out loud.

Overall rating: 8.35

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