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TV Review: The Muppets S1E13 Got Silk?

muppets-tv-show-posterMiss Piggy goes to an aerial silks class in at attempt to make new friends and Gonzo, Pepe and Rizzo fall under Pache’s spell.

The Muppets is in its third retooled episode, and it’s clear the writers had a goal this episode. The episode is Miss Piggy focused and its goal is to get us to like her a bit more, at least that’s my reading of it. The series has definitely been hard on her, casting her as an out of touch starlet, though the original Muppets didn’t exactly cast her in a positive light.

Piggy is on the search for a friend, and while the episode attempts to play it up for laughs, it’s just really depressing, taking the momentum of the last two episodes and sucking the oxygen out of the room.

The side stories too are a bit blah. Pache wants to do a sketch that’s not much more than an advertisement. Again, the episode could do some amazing meta commentary about the state of television, but it falls short, instead focusing on the butting of heads between Pache and Kermit. It too falls short of laughs.

The episode is a down one. Not all have to be laugh out loud funny, but they still need some humor, even when it’s trying to be serious. I can see what was being attempted, the execution is just painful though, and creates one of the worst episodes of the series so far.

Really, when the episode was over it didn’t move me on Piggy at all and I even questioned the 30 minutes I spent watching the show. In the end, all I just wanted was to see a gender swapped Clueless.

Overall Rating: 5.9

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