Review: The Twilight Zone 1959

TZ1959-Cov-A-LauWhen it comes to suspense with a touch of the unexplained, not too many know how do it well much like Rod Serling. I know many critics of his time tried to compare him to Alfred Hitchcock, but Serling tended to go places that Hitchcock would not. He not only excelled in suspense but became the blueprint for the type of questions science fiction should ask. He had so many questions it spilled over into two iconic TV shows, the enigmatic Twilight Zone and underrated Night Gallery.

It is the Twilight Zone, that serves as his enduring legacy, one that been recreated several times on television and one time on the big screen. It has had such an effect on the world of science fiction, that it had reverberations of it in the modern versions of some of the TV shows of its time. Take a look at Moffat’s run at Doctor Who, and you will see his influence all throughout the TV show, I can only imagine what Serling would have done with the Weeping Angels. His influence is also on the much touted Black Mirror, which challenges morality and values in almost the same fashion as Serling has.

In the new one shot, from Dynamite entitled Twilight Zone 1959, many of those timeless themes are explored again with new voices, all in the spirit of the original show. In “The Laughing Matter”, a common bully gets his just desserts, in the way of some sadistic laughs. In “Initiation,” a hazing ritual goes too far and two neighborhood kids find out the hard way. In the last tale, “The Comics Code”, a moralist finds out that when he accuses comics’ books of being evil, that he was much closer to the truth then he ever knew.

In conclusion, this book is classic Twilight Zone all the way, gripping reader’s imaginations, eluding their notions and rewarding them with the twists. Every writer who contributed definitely is a fan as they have truly captured the spirit of the show. Every artist who contributed has perfectly crafted illustrations to match each story. Overall, a great one-shot, that should be in every fan of the Twilight Zone.

Story: Tom Peyer, Mark Rahner, and John Layman Art: Randy Valiente and Colton Worley
Story: 10 Art: 9 Overall: 9.4 Recommendation: Buy

Dynamite Entertainment provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review