When it Comes to “R” Comic Adaptations, Deadpool Isn’t Anything New

There’s been much being made in the press of Deadpool‘s opening weekend success and the fact that it’s a comic book adaptation that’s rated “R”. God forbid facts should get in the way, but the film isn’t anything new when it comes to that, and it’s success can be debated compared to other films.

From what I can tell, the first comic adaptation to be rated R is The Crow which came out in May of 1994 and was followed in September by Timecop. To date, including Deadpool, there’s at least 35 films based on comics and rated “R”. In other words, this is nothing new. It’s not even the first Marvel comic movie to receive an “R” rating. All three Blade films earned that honor as well as the two Punisher films.

We can measure success in many ways, and Deadpool absolutely shattered records. In one weekend the film earned 4.87 times its budget. But, when it comes to earning more than its budget, that prize currently goes to 300 which earned 7.02 times its $65 million budget.

When it comes to the long end tail of things, Ghost World is actually the most successful going on to earn 62.94 times its opening weekend domestically. American Splendor is second best with 37.64 times, and Snowpiercer is third with 26.66 times.

What more records will Deadpool break and how will it stack up to these other films? We’ll have to wait and see. But remember, there was a long line of “R” rated comic adaptations before it.

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