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Battletoads: Turbo Tunnel Trouble, Check Out the Comic!

Did you appreciate the hardest video game ever Battletoads? Did it frustrate you beyond belief? Well, you’re not alone.

Creator Wes Locher over the next couple of months will be releasing licensed short comics, and the first up is Battletoads: Turbo Tunnel Trouble which you can read today.

Locher is teaming up with artist Loch Ness for the short because they share an appreciation of what we consider to be the hardest video game of all time. And because comic creators are nuts, they decided to explore that appreciation through the majesty of comics. Readers can enjoy the 90s throwback and if they want to email their favorite comic publisher and encourage them to pick up the Battletoads license so they can continue the adventures, they wouldn’t stand in the way.

Check out the comic for free now!


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