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TV Review: The Muppets S1E12 A Tail of Two Piggies

muppets-tv-show-posterWhen Miss Piggy suffers a scandalous wardrobe malfunction, the network is outraged, and Piggy is forced to question everything she stands for, but Kermit and the gang rally together and come to her defense. Meanwhile, Gonzo misses his ex-girlfriend Camilla, so Pepe and Rizzo decide to throw a house party to cheer him up.

The Muppets came back last week after a break and a retooling that had the show making fun of itself and its network in many ways. This week continues that theme a bit and expands it with a positive messaging about body image.

The episode has Piggy’s tail popping out after a night out, which causes an uproar. The messaging of body image, especially when it comes to female celebrities is solid, it’s also subtle, and fun in some ways. That even expands to how fans react to it.

The issue is “the man,” in this case the network and advertisers who are pulling support and threatening the show because of the tail slip. It has Piggy rethinking her image for a positive twist, which is nice, and it’s not super rah, rah. What’s really solid is the show pokes fun at the demands of advertisers and networks, which often go against the wishes of fans and what fans like.

There’s also Gonzo having to get his own place, and while that could have had some excellent jokes, it never quite takes off as far as plotline.

The episode overall is a bit mixed. It’s not as funny as last week, but it seems to be getting a foothold as to what direction the show is going. It’s a show to keep an eye on, not quite there, but showing a lot of promise and finally getting reliable in tone and humor.

If you gave up on the show, it’s worth checking out this “revamped” direction, it might be closer to what you were hoping for.

Overall Rating: 7.6

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