TV Review: Agent Carter S2E5 The Atomic Job

Agent_CarterAs Jarvis’ precision and quick-thinking skills are put to the ultimate test, Peggy must find a way to stop an atomic explosion that threatens to destroy all of California.

Marvel’s Agent Carter goes Superman III with a threat to destroy California (why do comic related live action things hate California so much?).

Tonight’s episode is a bit mix for me as there’s some solid humor, but also a lot of gadgets that feel a bit out of place at times, like a second rate Q from James Bond.

The good for me was the humor, especially early in the episode with Carter in disguise searching an office. There was some solid stuff in there that had me entertained. Then there’s an ongoing joke about pie which is also solid. Then there’s Jarvis and the uranium that ends with some nice humor.

There’s lots of use of goofy gadgets in this one, some of which you wonder why they aren’t used in the modern tv series or movies. But, it all comes to that bomb plot that bothers me. It seems so out of place and really random as to why it’s needed. It feels rather hokey overall and a bit grand for Whitney Frost. Plus the handling of getting the uranium out of there, and the fact that uranium doesn’t equal a nuclear bomb. It’s rather off.

The episode is decent, but not quite as good as last week. Still it’s one of the better ones this season, which is picking up speed as it moves along.

Overall Score: 7.2