Review: Adventures of Supergirl Chapter 2

adventures of supergirl #2 coverSupergirl is desperate to save her sister Alex from certain disaster, but can she stop a helicopter from falling out of the sky while ALSO protecting the humans endangered by an alien the DEO calls Rampage?

I thought the first chapter of this new digital series based on the television show was entertaining, but it’s Adventures of Supergirl Chapter 2 where things really begin to take off.

Continuing from the previous issue, Supergirl and the DEO are still dealing with Rampage, but first Supergirl must stop a crashing helicopter. Through the action Gates adds tons of depth to the character mixing in some “alien” humor to which just adds to the Supergirl character.

Sterling Gates‘ use of voice over is fantastic in it gives us a great idea as to what’s going on in Supergirl’s head, what she’s thinking. It’s a touch that really adds a lot to the story and the character as it makes clear how she thinks, what she’s planning, and the issues she’s facing. It both overcomes limits of a television series as well as the limits of a comic. Where in the television series it might be clearer she’s struggling, the voice over makes it clear she is. At the same time, what she’s thinking in her struggle adds a lot to the character itself and gives more of an idea about her alien nature.

Bengal too is improved in the second chapter. His art was good in the first one, but a bit inconsistent. In this second one, the characters are much more consistent and he’s developing a style and look for the comic that feels very distinct. There’s some pages and panels I really dug and it’ll be interesting to see as the series progresses how his style will get more settled.

For $0.99 the comic is worth it for fans of the Supergirl television show. Though short, it adds a bunch to the character and continues the fun positive messaging of its small screen counterpart. The first chapter was a good start, bit it’s here where it’s starting to fly.

Story: Sterling Gates Art: Bengal
Story: 7.8 Art: 7.6 Overall: 7.8 Recommendation: Read

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review