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Heroes vs. Mile High for Charity!

For those who might not know, there’s a rather big sporting event this weekend, the Super Bowl. The Carolina Panthers will be going against the Denver Broncos and with that match up, lots of bets will be flying all over.

Heroes and Mile High Comics are having some fun with it in the name of charity. Heroes announced in their newsletter:

Shelton has put together a fun and friendly wager with his pal Chuck Rozanski at Mile High Comics in Denver, CO. Since both our teams are playing in Super Bowl 50, we will both have auctions starting tonight and ending Monday with the losing city’s shop donating the proceeds to charity! We’re playing for Greg Olsen’s Heartest Yard and we’re auctioning off some very nice Deadpool books!

Both auctions start tonight and end Monday at 10PM Mountain Time. Check our Facebook and Twitter for direct links once the auctions are live!

We are putting up some key Deadpool issues with a bonus SuperPro Super Bowl Special!

Awesome to see them both doing this, and I hope folks join in on the fun and get some bids in.

Heroes Mile High Charity