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TV Review: Arrow S4E12 Unchained

arrowThe team faces off against a formidable villain nicknamed The Calculator (guest star Tom Amandes). Meanwhile, Nyssa (guest star Katrina Law) makes her move and Roy Harper (guest star Colton Haynes) returns to Star City.

Arrow is an interesting episode with a goofy plot about the threat of a gigalapse type event, or that occurring to the sity itself. There’s also Felicity attempting to deal with running her company. There’s Thea having some issues with her bloodlust. Finally, there’s the return to Roy.

The episode is better than last week, but not by much. The big focus of the episode is really to get Felicity, now with the horrible codename Overwatch, back in to the thick of things. The episode sees the heroes relying heavily on her knowledge and technical abilities pitting her head to head with The Calculator.

There has been a very noticeable issue this season of the action coordination with fight scenes, and generally the action, being heavily choreographed to the point it doesn’t feel natural at all and actually really stiff. This episode is a bit better in Roy’s return with his use of parkour creating a more natural flow to the movement. Juxtapose that when three of them are running from a building and they all stop and pivot at the same time. It’s not a natural scene at all.

The episode isn’t bad, it’s just not great. There’s some decent movement in some of the various plots, it’s what I’d call a bridge episode. It doesn’t stand on its own, but it does its job in moving the bigger plot along.

Overall rating: 6.9

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