Kickstarter Spotlight: Rocksalt Magazine

Rocksalt Magazine is a real magazine in the real world.

Rocksalt Magazine is a real magazine in the real world.

by Geoff Sebesta

Rocksalt Magazine continues in its quest to elucidate the impossible. Ideas are plucked directly from the heaving bosom of the internet and condensed into newsprint, then distributed to subscribers such as yourself and also the denizens of Austin Texas and affiliate metropoli. This magazine contributes to the hyperinflation of western culture by appropriating and reanimating moribund modes of thought and now you can too! Simply watch this video and ask yourself this question: how much money am I willing to give these people?

Probably all of the moneys. That way you’d get a cool new issue of Rocksalt Magazine delivered to your actual physical location four times a year and a nifty piece of original art. What could be better? Whatever it is, it’ll even better than that once your magazine gets there. Once you have this newsprint wonder in your hot little hands, it’s yours to do with. Loan it to people. Leave it on the coffee table. Cut out your favorite cartoons and stick them on your office door. Wrap a fish in it. Do newspaper things; god knows you have missed them. We are the Sunday comics, but wonderful.

Can you afford to not read this magazine?

We accept Bitcoins, we accept Dogecoins, and we accept you. You’re not alone. David Bowie is gone but we’re here now, so subscribe today.




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