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Review: Superman: Lois and Clark #4


“Last tango in Metropolis”

Superman: Lois and Clark #4 opens with Lois Lane-Kent and Clark Kent spending their anniversary by taking a stroll in their favorite city on the Earth: Metropolis. (Well okay not OUR Lois and Clark and not OUR Earth, but still the iconic pair nonetheless) Long story short, this Lois and Clark are stowaways from a different reality. In fact this couple are from a timeline where they are married and have a young son named Jon. Unlike the current Lois and Clark, they have jettisoned the Kent and taken White (no doubt an homage to their former famous boss, Perry White) as their surnames. They exist in this world basically as unknowns and Clark is a secret Superman in his spare time. (Confused yet? Good.)

The purpose of this flashback is to show Lois and Clark adapting to a familiar but yet new world they are in. Some funny story beats happen here, like them running into vagrant street performer named Harley, who recognizes Clark’s voice immediately. Clark muses to Lois how it’s nice that somethings remain consistent across planes of reality. On their walk they also run into our world’s Jimmy Olsen. Not wanting to blow their cover they dart off to the hotel to continue the rest of their evening.


When they get to the hotel, Lois tells Clark that she has a special surprise for him. She presents him with a very sleek and cool black and silver version of the Superman suit without a cape. The suit is created with borrowed technology from the military and STAR Labs. Clark asks how and Lois cleverly answers “Being Sam Lane’s daughter can open doors on both worlds.” This was a great scene and nice to see Lois hasn’t lost her tenacity on during her pilgrimage on this world. Plus the reveal of the costume was just damn cool.

We then jump from the loving couple to present day California where Lois is with her younger son Jon, trying to find a safe place to hide out. Unbeknownst to young Jon, his mother is actually Pulitzer Prize winning “Author X” and his dad is the greatest hero any world has ever known: Superman.

The remainder of the issue has Lois encountering an old foe and Clark is fighting for his life in his makeshift Fortress of Solitude against a reinvention of one of his deadliest enemies. Both of our fearsome couple are facing down peril and we get teased as to where it will go next.

Overall: I have to say, I love this book. It feels more Superman than the current Superman titles right now. Seeing Lois and Clark still married having and sharing adventures is an absolute delight. The addition of their son Jon is also great as it shows age in Superman’s journey. (Something that is seriously missing in the regular Superman title these days) The creative team for this is near perfect. You have Dan Jurgens (who is the most prolific Superman artist of all time in my opinion) doing the writing chores here and you get the notion of the care he has for these iconic characters. The art by Lee Weeks is just so clean and classic he doesn’t try to sex these characters up. His line work is so crisp that it maintains a high quality even in just the talking scene beats. I really appreciated all the nods to long time fans, because let’s face it this is Superman. The real one we grew up with, he’s just in a different world. The day the creative team makes Old Clark and New Clark meet face to face is going to be fireworks! Everything about this title is right at the moment. It’s got comedy, action, family and most important a good Superman. Not to mention how badass this Clark’s supersuit is. Sure it may not be the “main” title to follow for DC’s flagship, but if you aren’t I have to say you’re missing out. I will absolutely be back here to visit this next month. Author H signing off for now…

Story: Dan Jurgens Art: Lee Weeks
Story: 8.5 Art: 9 Score: 9 Recommendation: Buy