Dover Announces Paleo: The Complete Collection by Jim Lawson

PaleoFrontCoverDover Comics & Graphic Novels has announced they’ll be releasing Paleo: The Complete Collection by Jim Lawson.

Created by the popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles artist Jim Lawson, the groundbreaking Paleo series accurately depicts the hair-raising violence and drama of dinosaur life in the late Cretaceous period. This collection includes the six original and two new issues of Paleo: Tales of the Late Cretaceous as well as a selection of brand-new tales inked by Lawson and written by Stephen R. Bissette, who also contributes an extensive history of dinosaur comics.

Readers will encounter many different dinosaur species, all depicted in bold black-and-white illustrations that strive for the utmost accuracy. The prehistoric narratives range from the flight of an injured Albertosaurus from a Tyrannosaurus rex to an orphaned Stegosaurus’s struggle for survival to views of a Cretaceous swamp from the perspective of a dragonfly. A masterpiece of comic art, this compilation will captivate dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages.

The 400 page collection comes to shelves January 2016 for $19.95.

Exclusive Bonus Material

  • Two new issues of Paleo: Tales of the Late Creatceous
  • Three all-original stories by Jim Lawson and Stephen R. Bissette: Easy, Floater, and Loner