Review: The X-Files X-Mas Special 2015

XFiles_Xmas2015_cvrChristmas specials are what watching TV during the holidays is all about, as it is a time for everyone to gather around the television and watch their favorite characters celebrate the holidays with them. I especially remember watching the Star Wars Holiday Special and though it was best thing since sliced bread. I also remembered watching the Charlie Brown Christmas Special; something that actually holds up better than the previously named disaster, as you can definitely tell it was truly from the heart. When it comes to holiday specials in comics, I do not ever remember being drawn to them as a kid.

X-Files has always held a special place in my heart, as I remember growing up watching the show , and not only being a skeptic at the very start but becoming a believer midway through the first season. It reminds me now of what a scientist said of religion in this documentary I watched recently; she said” My facts will change your beliefs, but your beliefs won’t change my facts.”The show had many ups and downs, as both of the main characters came and went throughout the seasons, and after the show ended, fans were given two movies. Now they are returning for a miniseries next month, which the world cannot wait, which makes this Christmas special form IDW even sweeter to read.

The book opens up with the Lone Gunmen, in an empty shopping center parking lot on Christmas Day, where they receive a wrapped gift right outside of their van, before you know it Langly and Frohike disappear because of a mysterious whistle. Meanwhile Mulder is being chased by the Faceless Ones, while being faced with a mass casualty on an abandoned airfield. Scully, is looking for Mulder, while Byers recruits her to help to find the other two and Mulder. By book’s end, it answers a lot of questions while up heaving new ones which are tied to the bigger story arc in the ongoing series.

Overall, a fitting Christmas special, in print, on TV , anywhere as it perfectly captures the fact that life goes on and so does Christmas. The story by Joe Harris stretches the boundaries of imagination, as I can only expect some of these things would be too expensive to put on TV. The art by Mathew Dow Smith is  beautiful and at times reminds me of cubism. Altogether, a fun effort by all involved which reminds us that entire home is where the heart is.

Story: Joe Harris Artist: Mathew Dow Smith
Story:  9 Art: 9 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy