Politics Gets in on the Star Wars Fun

reaganmissilesStar Wars has an interesting history with politics. Announced in 1983, President Ronald Reagan announced his Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), a missile defense system dubbed “Star Wars” partially due to the hype over the film series. Ironically, much like the Death Star, the technology wasn’t quite there (an exhaust port people!) and it would have caused massive destabilization in the philosophy of the time concerning nuclear weapons of mutually assured destruction.

When Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith screened at Cannes in 2005, George Lucas himself said the film had similarities President George W. Bush’s role in the Iraq war. Anakin Skywalker in the film states “if you’re not with me, then you’re my enemy” which echoed President Bush’s “either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.”

Obama lightsaberOur current President in Geek, President Obama has referenced Star Wars numerous times. To help promote bringing the Olympics to Chicago the President used a lightsaber to fence with Olympic fencer Tim Morehouse.

President Obama’s connection to Star Wars doesn’t end there. A petition asked the White House to secure funding for a Death Star by 2016. Receiving over 34,000 signatures, the White House response titled “This Isn’t the Petition Response You’re Looking For” brilliantly broke down why this request wasn’t feasible.

But, Obama’s White House and Star Wars connections haven’t been perfect. In 2013 during the sequester, Obama used the term “Jedi mind meld” mixing up Star Wars and Star Trek. The geeks set their phasers to stun with that mix-up. The White House made fun of themselves over it.

And during this year’s May the 4th, politicians, non-profits, and political organizations all joined in on the fun with Tweets celebrating this year’s “Star Wars Day.”

A little over 30 years after SDI politicians and political organizations again are having fun with Star Wars, and like every other brand out there, are using the opening Star Wars: The Force Awakens to look relevant or tied in to a specific agenda.

While I might not agree with his politics, I do have to give Speak Paul Ryan credit for this rather funny Tweet.

Canada has their own Prime Minister in Geek with the recently elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens with friends from the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario and said the film was amazing.

Trudeau is an admitted geek having even attended conventions. Don’t believe me? Check it out yourself.

trudeau montreal comic con

The Texas Democrats sent the below fundraising email with the subject “This is the email you’re looking for.

Greg Abbot Death StarWe need you to join the Rebel Alliance today!

Our galaxy is under attack from Imperial Governor Greg Abbott and the rest of the dreaded Imperial fleet. You know, the ones who built the DEATH STAR.

Abbott’s Republican Empire isn’t backing down any time soon — but neither are we.

We have a brave group of freedom fighters leading the way. We need you to join us by chipping in $7 right now so we can win big in 2016 against Abbott’s evil REPUBLICAN GALACTIC EMPIRE.

Imperial Governor Greg Abbott has been using legislative fear and unbridled one-party rule to promote his evil agenda, collect millions from special interests, and slow down the progress of our state by freezing our heroes colder than Hoth past the first marker.

Help me, (redacted)! Donate $7 right now to show you’re ready to strike back against the Republicans’ dreaded Imperial fleet >>

The tide is about to turn.

As a Texas Democrat and member of the Rebel Alliance, you know that we’re a bunch of scruffy-looking nerf herders working to overcome the odds. We will never give in to the Dark Side: the force is strong with us and we will free Texas.

With a new hope, our walking carpet, and trusty protocol droid, all we’re missing is your support to take on Imperial Governor Abbott. Go all in today so we can clean up the Republican Empire’s mess:


May the force be with you,

Brittany Switzer
Digital Director, Texas Democratic Party

P.S. Let the wookie win!

US Rebel AllianceFinally, you can now join the Rebel Alliance and get involved in actual political advocacy! The US Rebel Alliance is a an organization that’s speaking out about big money in politics, the Empire of Big Money. The organization is looking to get big money, such as Super PACs, out of politics. They’re using the hashtag #maytheforcebewithUS to help promote their issue and organization.

This week the organization posted a video featuring Mark Ruffalo, Darren Criss, Brizzy Voices and more taking the “Jedi Pledge.”

That’s just a few examples, but I’m sure not all. If you see any more, sound off in the comments!