Review: Captain Canuck #5

Captain Canuck #5Captain Canuck is in the clutches of Mr. Gold, Michael Evans is still missing, and the Equilibrium forces have been decimated. Lucky for them they have Kebec, the most notorious sharpshooter of the Afghanistan War, on their side and she believes revenge is a dish best served fast.

Captain Canuck #5 isn’t so much an origin issue, but a fascinating look into Kebec’s history, especially her time in the Afghanistan War. The story is particularly interesting in that it not only gives great insight into the character based on the unit she was involved in, but also how she acts in that situation. What’s really interesting though is the crap she put up with in that setting. In other words, this issue has given us not just a solid story in the present, but also opened up some great storytelling involving one of its character’s past.

We also get some action in the present as well, keeping up the comic’s fantastic tone of some how giving us some great fighting, but not falling into gratuitous violence. The comic is that fun entertainment I remember as a kid, a superhero without the gritty darkness. It’s so needed and this series it can be done in a top-notch way. That tone is set by writer Kalman Andrasofsky as well as artists Leonard Kirk and Simon Roy.

And each issue things have been solidly entertaining while looking great. Again, that positive tone and focus extends to the characters themselves, where we don’t see gratuitous sexualization of characters or strange brokeback poses. This is a comic I can give a kid who wants to read about superheroes and not worry.

You get not just one story, but two! The second is courtesy of the talented team of writer Ed Brisson and Simon Roy. The first part of “Double Star Crossed,” the Classic Canuck back-up stories have been out there in a fun way. They’re the crazy stories of Capatain Canuck dealing with aliens or creatures from the deep. There’s a goofy fun about it all, and they hearken back to some of the campier stories of comics from the 70s, which I loved.

Captain Canuck continues to be one of my favorite comics with each release going towards the top of my read pile. It has all the superhero action without the cynicism, which makes it a unique treat in today’s comic world.

Story: Kalman Andrasofsky, Ed Brisson Art: Adam Gorham, Leonard Kirk, Simon Roy
Story: 8.3 Art: 8.2 Overall: 8.3 Recommendation: Buy

ChapterHouse Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review