Canada Gets their own Commander in Geek

The Liberal Party of Canada dominated the Canadian election this Monday. The party won 184 seats, 54% of them, giving them a majority, and making Justin Trudeau the next leader of the country. It also continues geeks taking over in politics. Trudeau is a comic fan, even having attended comic cons in the past.

Here’s a photo of Trudeau at the 2012 Montreal Comic Con. Yes, Canada’s Prime Minister sides with the Rebel Alliance.

trudeau montreal comic con

But, one photo doesn’t make a geek. Here’s Trudeau playing with his kids. While election results were coming in, they were celebrating the new Star Wars trailer.

And finally him being asked who his favorite Avengers is.

Congrats Canada, the Liberal Party, and Justin Trudeau!





Full Disclosure: I was involved and did work with the Canadian election, and particularly the Liberal Party and its candidates