Review: Secret Coders

Secret CodersWelcome to Stately Academy, a school which is just crawling with mysteries to be solved! The founder of the school left many clues and puzzles to challenge his enterprising students. Using their wits and their growing prowess with coding, Hopper and her friend Eni are going to solve the mystery of Stately Academy no matter what it takes!

From comic star writer Gene Luen Yang (who’s also a high school computer programming teacher), Secret Coders is an entertaining first volume of he new graphic novel series that mixes entertainment with education. This is exactly the type of book I’d give to a kid who wanted to learn a bit about computers and programming, and wanted a fun place to start learning.

The learning aspect of it all isn’t in your face, and younger kids may need some help with some of the concepts, overall, it’s a fun read that got me to understand some concepts I actually didn’t know myself. With schools across the United States cutting funding for computer programming classes, they’re “nonessential” according to some, the series helps fill a gap in learning, and makes it fun too.

The graphic novel is short, with of course a second volume coming. Hopefully it comes sooner than later (it’s just listed as 2016 right now) as a long gap could hurt that learning, though there’s an online component to check out too. The length I think is key, as it’s geared towards a younger set who may not like reading a 200+ page graphic novel. It also focuses the learning aspects.

Mike Holmes‘ art is fun and perfectly geared towards the audience of the book. The characters all look different, with styles to their own, all done in a cartoonish look. It’s really solid, and I like it, perfect for younger kids.

A wildly entertaining new series that combines logic puzzles and basic programming instruction with a page-turning mystery plot! Bring on the next volume!

Story: Gene Luen Yang Art: Mike Holmes
Story: 9.5 Art: 8.5 Overall: 9.5 Recommendation: Buy

First Second provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review