Review: Aquaman #44

Aquaman #44 coverThe relationship of Mera and Arthur is on the rocks. After all, Mera wants Aquaman dead. Now, the estranged lovers are about to meet face to face. Is a reconciliation in the works?

Aquaman, what has happened to your series!? And Cullen Bunn, what the hell!? Where do I even begin with Aquaman #44. Much of the issue feels like a rehash of the previous one, as Aquaman confronts NOT!Mera and explains to her what he’s trying to do, and why he’s doing it, in hopes of getting her on his team. We know from last issue that it’s not actually Mera, and instead her sister Siren in disguise. We then get a sex scene….. so that’s two really rapey scenes from Bunn in the last few months and both are initiated by women. Cullen, you’re so much better than this! Seriously check out most of his other work. It’s almost as if the controversy is to get eyes on this (as well as Lobo where the other incident happened). It’s just… odd.

The art by Alex Morgan is a step up from the last two issues (interestingly the team from the last two issue’s interiors give a pretty solid cover). Morgan is listed as layouts with Art Thibert ad Jesus Merino as finishes, and there’s an inconsistency that happens about half way through that looks like two individuals have done the art. It’s a far cry from when the series launched, and shows how the series’ shine has dulled.

The overall story in Aquaman is very interesting, but there’s some twists and turns that have not helped at all, with art issues added on top of it. Just not the quality it used to be, and that’s a shame.

Story: Cullen Bunn Art: Alec Morgan
Story: 5 Art: 6 Overall: 5 Recommendation: Pass

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review