Review: Drawn Onward

Drawn_20Onward_20cover_originalA man and a woman cross paths in a series of chance encounters in the New York City Subway system. As obsessions grow and falter, these characters walk closer and closer to the edge, striking a dangerous balance. With each new panel Drawn Onward adds a layer to the puzzle, using a mirrored structure of time and place to illustrate the fragile nature of love, and how we seek each other in our own reflections.

Writer and artist Matt Madden puts together an amazing experimental comic that’s actual a palindrome comic. It can be read front to back, and then back to front, and when done so becomes so much more. By doing so, you see two different experiences of the story, two perspectives, and it adds depth to each, revealing the complete story. Can you trust just one version?

Drawn Onward is absolutely amazing in its execution, making you examine each panel and wondering where it’s going, and then what really happened. It was a little over half way through the comic before I remembered it was meant to be read front to back and then back to front. That aspect creates such an amazing experience, one I haven’t experienced in a comic before (at least that I remember).

This is a fantastic comic that should be checked out by comic fans, if nothing else to see what comics are capable of beyond a straightforward narrative experience. Absolutely wonderful. Just an amazing comic all around that’ll have you reading it multiple times to get the full experience. One I expect to be on many “best of” lists when the year wraps up.

Story: Matt Madden Art: Matt Madden
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy