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Review: Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #5


“The Final Vow”

Here it is. The Final battle. The ultimate conclusion of The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows. Before we get started, I must say that I absolutely dig the cover of this issue. The three members of the Parker family with their backs against the wall, united against the ultimate threat: Regent (Well for the purpose of this story, the ultimate threat but to me not really. I guess I’ll just go with it) I’m just so darned happy to see a Spider-Man that is back where he belongs: with his family. Truth be told, I haven’t been extremely impressed with this mini series as a whole, but Dan Slott has really swung me around as of last month. Enough introduction, true readers, here we go…

Where we last left off last month, Spidey was defeated by the über villain Regent, and entombed in a glass prison to have his powers siphoned off and to never be seen again. Well that ain’t gonna happen on account that the Parker women (his wife MJ and his super powered offspring Annie May) have set out to rescue Peter and kick some Regent tush in the process. (Easier said than done ladies, this bad guy did just wipe out half of the Marvel pantheon of Super-heroes. Nothing tougher than a couple gals from Queens i guess!) 

Meanwhile Regent is back at his HQ, finishing off the last of former Avenger Hawkeye (Who is just awesome in his Nick Fury role, eyepatch and all) and his resistance forces. Things are looking grim when Hawkeye takes his final shot with an arrow that has tech designed to stop Regents powers. He cocks the bow back, fires and.. Regent catches and snaps the arrow! Hawkeye is in a state of bewilderment and wonders how this is possible and Regent simply says “My Spider-Sense, was tingling.” (That line gave me chills) Now it appears it is truly hopeless for our heroes as Hawkeye believes if this is true, then Peter must be dead.

Wait, the action doesn’t stop there as we now join back with the “Spider-Girls” (MJ and Annie May) who are presently kicking butt on Regent’s scientists and henchmen. For me it was a joy to watch Annie May, (a character we long thought dead and never to return) kick major butt just like her pop. I could tell Slott really enjoyed writing her this issue, and we got the whole apple doesn’t fall far from the tree thing in full motion here. Adam Kubert does a fantastic job of bringing her to life and captures Annie’s personality and it’s a joy to see. Also hearing MJ and her daughter banter back and forth about code names made me chuckle quite a bit. When MJ puts on the armor and says she’s already got a codename: Mom. That was just perfect. Things go south when Regent realizes that the gals are interfering and then he takes the fight directly to them. All this occurs while Spidey is in his suspended state and has to witness the death of his family. In true Spider-Man fashion, he realizes this does not have to be and he fights. He fights harder than he’s ever fought before, because his wife and daughter are on the line. Like we’ve seen in many moments in Spider-Man lore, the one power that cannot be siphoned is his will. The indomitable will to never ever give up. That is one of the reasons Spider-Man to me is one of the greatest heroes ever. So he shows it once again and through sheer desire breaks free of his prison and decides to end this battle once and for all and with his family by his side.

Overall: Now I don’t want to ruin the conclusion to this story, if you’re a true Spider-Man fan you will love it. In a series that has skewed from who the character is at points, it closes with what makes him great and true. (In my opinion it is the second best moment of Slott’s historic run following only behind, Peter’s relinquishing of the Spider-Man mantle to Dr. Octopus in Amazing Spider-Man #700) I won’t say this was a perfect story, it certainly was not. It was as good as it needed to be. We got to see Annie again and get some closure to that storyline that has been dangling for decades now. We got to see Peter back with MJ which writers should know is where he belongs. Family and responsibility are the cornerstones of Spider-Man and I never got why writers have shied away from it. I hope we see more of this Spider-Man in the future, it was a reward for us long, long time readers. Most importantly, we got to see a Spider-Man who sticks to his morals and his fortitude to save the day. Comic books come and go and creative changes are a plenty, but great moments are eternal. I’m happy to say Mr. Slott, you’ve given us another one. Thank you.

Story: Dan Slott Art: Adam Kubert
Story: 8.5 Art: 8 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy

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