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Five Superheroes Whose Faces Are More Visible Than Diggle’s In His New Magneto Helmet

You’ve probably seen the image released of the new superhero costume of Arrow‘s John Diggle by now. If not, then scroll down a bit for a better look.


There are some concerns that the open faced nature of the helmet leaves enough of his face visible to make him easily identifiable. Personally, I like it; I think it does what it sets out to do by obscuring his facial features just enough. And besides, his helmet does more to conceal his identity than these five uperheroes below.

The five characters below are from their most recent live action incarnations.

Five: Clark Kent.3dig

He wears glasses with a bit of a hair style change. Glasses. I’m sure there’s a genuine reason why this works (indeed, Christopher Reeve did show brilliantly in that one scene where he became Superman by straightening his back a bit, changing his entire posture). But still. Glasses.

Four: Catwoman

It isn’t that Catwoman‘s mask is bad, per se, but that this style of mask doesn’t do quite enough to conceal a person’s identity; you can still her eyes, hair length, etc. It certainly isn’t the worst facial concealment on the list, though, I just don’t think it’s as effective as Diggle‘s

Three: Ray Palmer/ The A.T.O.M.
Aside from his desire to say “hi. I’m Ray!” as he lands, Ray Palmer‘s mask is a clear visor with some light in it. Not exactly the most concealing piece of equipment, now, is it?

Two: Hawkeye

Wait… for a man with such a deeply kept secret, you’d think he’d want to do a bit more to hide it than simply keeping it off the grid. You know, like with a mask.

One: Arrow5dig

In the first season and a half of ArrowOliver Queen wore only a hood and a bit of make up to conceal his identity. How his secret remained safe so long is completely beyond me. It took the arrival of Barry Allen to the series for Oliver to finally wear an actual mask that, combined with his hood, is actually pretty good at hiding his identity. But the make up? Not so much.

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