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Space Goat Productions in November 2015

EVIL DEAD 2: TALES OF THE EX-MORTIS: The Special Edition #1

Page Count: 56 pages
Release: November
Price: $5.99

A groovy early holiday present for Evil Dead fans! A special gruesome edition of our official Evil Dead 2: Tales Of The Ex-Mortis #1, complete with the original Ash-centric stories of Deadites, ghouls, monsters, and more. But now, this newly expanded edition contains not only the complete first issue of the classic movie anthology, it has an added Kandarian boost to 56 pages with these special one-time only features:
* A Deadite Gallery of the Dead
* Sketchbook pages and character studies, and behind-the-scenes art from our anthology artists: Enza Fontana, Gabriel Rearte, Alan Quah, Eduardo Garcia.

This is the companion series for the OFFICIAL EVIL DEAD 2 SEQUEL before the other sequel, EVIL DEAD 2: BEYOND DEAD BY DAWN! Certified Groovy with expanded content for the new print edition!

EVIL DEAD 2 TALES OF THE EX-MORTIS the Special Edition #1

Mixtape #2 (OF 5)

Page Count: 32 pages
ON SALE DATE: November 11th
Price: $3.99

Tune in and turn on as Lorelei lands her dream internship at the local radio station and discovers its secret cache of albums spanning the history of Alternative Rock. With all the music she’s ever craved finally at her fingertips, she faces increasing temptation to use it to gain the popularity she’s always wanted, despite the risk to her future.

A group of teens struggle with relationships, the future and their place in the world against the backdrop of the ’90s music scene.

For Fans Of…Love & Rockets, Ghost World, Craig Thompson’s Blankets

Love, life and loss during the rise (and fall) of Generation X and the Alternative Rock era of the 1990s as experienced by five music-obsessed teens.

Mixtape #2 (OF 5)


Page Count: 96 pages
ON SALE DATE: November 11
Price: $12.99

Keira Zeleznovova gets way more than she bargained for on her first day as an unpaid intern at Mage, Inc. A homunculus is summoned, a mage dies, magic fights magic, and then there’s all that paperwork! Book One collects the first three issues, the complete story arc of “The Intern.” With bonus extras, including sketches, behind-the-scenes artwork, and a sneak preview of the next Mage, Inc. mini-series!

The trials, mishaps, and adventures of Keira Zeleznovova, an everyday teen girl who goes to work at the dysfunctional Mage, Inc.

FOR FANS OF … Harry Potter, Courtney Crumrin, Batgirl, and Ms. Marvel.

For readers of every age, Keira’s adventures with her curmudgeonly mentor will delight and entertain. Join her as she quickly realizes there’s more near-death experiences to magic than she ever imagined. And it’s only her first day on the job!


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