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Review: Joe Frankenstein HC

JoeFrankenstein-TPB-659x1000Mary Shelley’s most famous character has undergone many incarnations through books, movies and television to include a new TV show and a new movie , both coming out in the fall. His story has become classic for many reasons, but the two that stand out in my mind are: one of them being able to look at the human condition through literature and the other being, the entertainment value of horror. As with most classics these days, there has been an incessant need to reboot /remake these   legendary tales, to somehow make it original, often with mixed results. So when I heard Chuck Dixon and Graham Nolan, were doing a unique take on the legend, I had own reservations on the possibility of success for such an undertaking.

Joe Frankenstein tells an alternate history, than what was in Mary Shelley’s original book, instead succumbing to the fate in the book; he lives on, amassing wealth and watching over the heirs of Dr. Frankenstein for generations to come. The story picks up on Pratt, a descendent of his, who is the typical outcast teen, who much like other “don’t quite fit in “characters that seem to inhabit media and has no idea about his family’s origins. Pratt’s world, take a turn for the worst, when he encounters a coven of vampires, while delivering pizza. This is when Frankenstein has no choice but step in and defend his only living family member, and reveals his real name, Joe Frankenstein.

Pratt, unbeknownst to Frankenstein, has the usual problems of a teenager as the writers reveals tidbits to make him more relatable, compounded by the fact that he is adopted. The reader soon finds out, that some wealthy individuals is looking for Frankenstein, leading to the coven deploying home invasion of Pratt’s adopted parents house. Eventually, the main villain, is introduced, a one with an army of thousands, by the name o f Golgotha, who requires Pratt’s blood to strengthen him and his army. The ending leaves itself open for a continuing series or a sequel, either way it was lots of fun.

The series is the most entertaining version of Frankenstein’s monster, than has ever been seen, and one comes off more intelligent than has been written in the past, much like the Hulk that was portrayed in Planet Hulk. The story by Dixon and Nolan, proves why they are master storytellers and what would have been another corny reboot, fits a more inspired description, “re-imagination”. The art By Graham Nolan, hits all the right tones and moods needed, to make this story take off. Overall, a fun ride, between the action sequences, the coven of vampires, the alternate history of Frankenstein and the “tongue in cheek” dialogue and jokes, makes this tome, worthy of your dollars.

Story: Chuck Dixon and Graham Nolan Art: Graham Nolan
Story: 9 Art: 9 Overall: 9 Recommendation: BUY NOW

IDW Publishing provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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