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Review: Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #3

cm003Secret Wars has been at the same time both engaging and frustrating, and for two separate reasons.  On the one hand it has given creators somewhat of carte blanche to create whatever stories that they like.  Thus for instance for something off the radar like 1872, it allows numerous of the big names of Marvel to be thrown into the Western genre. Conversely while there has been a fair share of creativity associated with the crossover, there always has to be the tie back into Doom and the Secret Wars world, which has the unfortunate effect of restricting the ability to be creative.  Those series that have stuck closer to their source material have thus tended to be somewhat weaker in comparison, as they tend to be pretty much the old series with the update only of being part of the patchwork world, and so far this has been the case for Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps.  While Kelly Sue Deconnick’s run on the character has helped to define her for the modern generation, it is also one that does not necessarily fit so well into the Secret Wars idea.

The story from the previous issues is continued here, as Carol and her flying corps have decided that they want to see what is beyond the confines of their domain and to push the patience of Doom.  Of course this cannot be unpunished and they are swiftly and mercilessly attacked, to show that there can be no freedom from Doom.  This leads to a pretty impressive dogfight (at least as the medium of comics allows) as Carol and her flyers are able to criss cross the skies as they are being pursued.

While there are some moments of enjoyment in this issue, there are also unfortunately too many reminders of what the series is bound to.  The world in which these heroes live is not one of empowerment or fun, but rather just one of a concept that does not fit into the Secret Wars world very well, a square peg of Captain Marvel for the round hole of Secret Wars.  The resulting story is about as good as two fit together but really is nothing very much special and even less so, takes away from the good that the writer has done with the character in the past years.  Secret Wars is heade towards a reboot for the Marvel Universe, and the best that we can hope is that Captain Marvel comes out well on the other side, as she is mostly wasted here.

Story: Kelly Sue DeConnick and Kelly Thompson Art: David Lopez
Story: 6.5 Art: 6.5 Overall: 6.5 Recommendation: Pass

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