Boston Comic Con 2015, Snyder, Lee, and a lot of Cosplay!

bcc1“Welcome to the geekiest place on Earth”

Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of stepping into the transformed halls of the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston, MA as it became hallowed ground, Boston Comic Con. For three days this piece of property became a haven for geek and nerd alike as they celebrated like no others. I am proud to say that I was not above the fray and Sunday I joined in the festivities as well. Now I have been to a few Comic-Cons before but this one was something special.

I like many of the folks, went in with the intent of meeting the Man among Gods in comics, Stan Lee. That’s right, Stan Lee. You heard me correctly. To realize that I was going to be sharing the same air as the man who brought us Spider-Man, The Avengers, The Fantastic Four, X-Men, The Hulk and so much more, was a distinct honor. To say I was jacked was an understatement. However that was the main event, and there was oh so much more to go.

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One foot in the door and it was apparent that I was nowhere near the vicinity of Kansas anymore. The “cosplayers” as they are referred to, not only took it up a notch but they kicked the damn thing off! These costumes were great! They absolutely had to take a lot of time and it’s very hard to not give credit to that fact. Kudos to them all. (Especially you Mr. Freeze, just plain cool)

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Countless cosplayers weren’t the only ones who were turning heads this day. I had the great pleasure of sharing the Con with not only close family (you catch him on his own blog at Steven’s Sport Central) but also a very good long time friend Jon Costanza from Arlington, MA who would give both his arms and then some for his passion of comics. (Not to mention he has some of the coolest ink I’ve ever seen) Jon and I had the chance to meet one of the all time greatest and current scribe on DC Comics’ main Batman title: Scott Snyder. 

Scott S1I have been lucky enough to meet Mr. Snyder on two separate occasions at back to back Cons. He is an amazing person and a consummate professional. He not only signed anything you asked for (free of charge I might add) but he took the time to gab and photo-op with anyone who wanted it. Now for a raging fanboy like me, it’s a dream come true. Oh and did I mention I said to Mr. Snyder that making Jim Gordon as the current Batman is like having any one of us as Batman? His reply? “That’s exactly what I was going for.” This made my day. Two Cons in a row and he has been a complete joy to meet. I hope a lot of people in the business take notes. THAT is how you treat your fans. Mr. Snyder, once again you were fantastic, thank you for taking your time and appreciating mine as well. One last thing, I said to you that I never want you or Mr. Capullo (who is just as great in person like him but wasn’t scheduled to be there) to leave Batman. However if you leave to write Captain America when you do, that’s just awesome with me! (Glad you enjoyed the shield too, and thank you for signing my copy of Batman #1)

add4d8e0-d8b1-49c2-8578-2d7cebc1e593(So cool! Seriously the man is one of the greatest, if you don’t already follow him @Ssnyder1835)

Once I finished there and was able to get my bearings back, it was time to venture around the Con floor. There was everything: vendors, artists, memorabilia, paraphernalia, you name it, and it was there. I spent some time looking for some Ant-Man collectibles and to my surprise there was not much. I figured with the recent movie it would be booming. I guess he’s still small time. (Sorry for the pun Scott Lang, you’ll make it yet) I did however procure a very sweet Pym Technologies T-Shirt later in the day though. Something that was very popular this year which I did not foresee was a lot of Agent Carter merchandise. Must be something due to that Hailey Atwell who plays her. She seems like a nice lady. Many cosplayers took up the red hat charge, but unfortunately none of them wanted to be photogenic, so you will just have to take my word for it.

The lines were long and the day flew by and it was almost that time to venture up and meet “The Man” himself. So I hopped up a few flights of escalators and saw this sight:

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One which was probably the best Boba Fett cosplay I’ve ever seen, and the other was to me the Joker of the day. (Joker was a nice guy btw, don’t tell Batman)

A couple of pics snapped and some handshakes exchanged, it was now time. I slung my shield over my shoulder, drew a deep breath and went into the main ballroom to be in the presence of greatness. To my surprise I was one of the first in line. I thought hmm this ought to be very quick. Alas I was wrong, it was almost two hours later before I would see him enter. Now mind you I was waiting with some very hospitable and wonderful people in line, whom I enjoyed conversation with. However the actual process of meeting Mr. Lee was torturous. So much misinformation was exchanged, and the people who guarded the line took themselves way too seriously that they were almost a caricature of their hired position. Nevertheless I was so close, nothing would deter me.

shieldI was beginning to feel like Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark as I inched closer to the table. This was my time and this was what the day was about. It should be noted that you will hear many different stories and opinions on meeting of him, but I will say my brief time with Stan Lee was what it needed to be. Would I have loved to have a private meeting where I could pick his brilliant brain about how he came up with the ideas that have revolutionized over a half century of Comic Books? Well, of course I would. This was not that day though. I had to be a realist. Stan Lee is not only the ICON in all of Comicdom, but he is 92 years old. The fact he still even does this is a testament to the man himself. So I gently held out my prized Captain America shield, he drew his pen and asked “Where would you like me to sign young man?” I was speechless, he used that voice of a caring grandfather and I humbly replied “Where ever you may like sir.” The black tip of the sharpie then pressed against the metal of my shield, and history was made. His name then joined a pantheon of who’s who in Marvel Comics history and my mission was complete. I shook his hand, let him know it was my honor and then it was done. It was a moment so brief, yet also completely memorable. Unlike the valued collectible I now held in my grateful hand, it was also priceless. I can say I met the man who shaped my love of this entertainment medium for all my life. I met Stan Lee.

mastersI did the only thing I could, I placed the shield down and gazed upon it’s beauty. It was all over. Time to go back to the real world and real life. So I gathered my things and head down to the main lobby to make my way to the booths for the remainder of the Con. What I saw when I reached the bottom put a large smile across my face. Why what is this? It’s a family of cosplayers dressed as the cast of He-Man and Masters of the Universe.

This here is just proof that being a geek knows no age or bounds and I loved it!

The remainder of day was spent just perusing the booths and grabbing some comic books. It was all very draining. After all  you have had a day where you broke metaphorical bread with Scott Snyder and spoke words to Stan Lee, what could possibly be left to surprise you?

slade1How about a quick impromptu meet and greet with resident Arrow badass, Slade Wilson himself: Mr Manu Bennett?

He was on his way out but took the time for a quick exchange and some banter. Just a cool experience made even cooler. My cousin also friendly stated said he liked him for Season 1 but then he killed Moira. To which Mr. Bennett replied “Yes I did and it was glorious!” Ha. What a great quote. A perfect one to sum up the day too. Many people always say to be weary when meeting your heroes up close, well I’m happy to report that it wasn’t the case for me. In fact, other than the capes and bright costumes I don’t see much of a difference at all. Thank you each, Mr. Snyder, Mr. Bennett, and Mr. Stan Lee for making my Boston Comic Con experience a very Excelsior one!!

Till the next journey true readers…